Why Choose Gold Name Necklace ™

Gold Name Necklace ™ and its traditions in the UK

The fashion trend is changing worldwide with every passing day. UK has been a leading country that likes to move with the fashion fast . Customizing the accessories including jewellery, hoodies, clothing, and caps make people feel more personal and close to the heart. Gold Personalised Jewellery especially name necklaces are in popular use nowadays for gifting purposes. Youngsters especially women are very fond of such tailor-made uniqueness. They are suitable for every age and every occasion. Gold Name Necklace ™ has been a major player focusing on gold art in the UK for nearly 20 years and we're so proud of our gorgeous gold-crafting tradition here. 

Why you should personalise with Gold Name Necklace 

Personalised jewellery is quite commonly ordered  these days. You can get customised jewellery for every special occasion in terms of wedding anniversary, birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s days and any other special day. Ordering online from Gold Name Necklace is quite handy as we accept all major payment cards and Paypal. You can get your favourite neat custom-made pieces in a variety of materials including gold, rose gold or white gold. People opt for gold necklaces since they are more complimentary for every dress and every occasion. Gold Name Necklace ™ can help you customise with your initials either in English and Arabic. Letters, size, dimension, engraving and even gems can all be adjusted as you like.

Designs and styles

All our gold jewellery pieces are available in a variety of shapes including stars, hearts, circles etc. You can have these necklaces with your initials only. The size of the chain and initials could be adjusted according to your physique and liking.