How is a gold name necklace modelled and crafted?

3D-Drawing-and-Modelling-Jewellery Removing-Casting-powder
Cleaning Metal Tree Melting-metal-at-high-temperature
Add precious metal - Gold cooling of metal
Filing and sizing the gold jewellery Vacuum casting
See our skilled goldsmiths The last step of making personalised necklaces is polishing


Why do people look for gold name necklaces?

Are you looking to narrow down choices for your upcoming personalised jewellery? If so, then what about idea of custom-making something special with name and fabulous materials? Let's imagine something trendy, classy, up to the fashion and above all a valuable and memorable piece ...... When it comes to customisation in jewellery, gold always stands distinguished due to its properties. The metal is pure, doesn’t react with air, doesn’t corrode, easy to modify and equally appealing to the aesthetics. All these features help release the potential of this amazing metal for suiting a wide range of personal purposes. Though it's ususally being regarded as luxury symbol, our specifically designed name jewellery is not too much costly due to our superb workmanship in cost optimising. Hence any one will afford them. Here are the reasons why someone would look for a customised necklace with the best precious metal.

1. For ornamental purpose

When it comes to looking for jewellery that beautifully compliments the personality, then nothing can compete with custom made gold pieces. Usually, name necklaces are used to make a fashion statement; they may look cool but fail to fit best for the standards of aesthetics. Same is not the case with gold. If you are looking for a piece of customisable jewellery that can equally look classy, then don’t be hesitant and choose gold which is appropriate for forging any kind of functions of life. In order to make it look more elegant, inscribe the name in some shape, like heart, over-crossing circles or something you think to be more appropriate in different occassions.

2. A right choice of moms for their new born babies

It is not unusual for moms to have some precious metal engraved for their new born babies; it is a unique way to embrace this blessing. At the same times, it arranges for preserving memories in the most valuable way. First thing that moms usually order for their new born babies is very often a personalised necklace. The good thing is that the ornament never changes as the baby grows old. Later, such necklace can be used as a bracelet, if it doesn’t fit the size anymore. One thing is sure that exact purpose of such locket never ends. Gold name necklaces for babies is indeed the best way to preserve precious memories in a unique custom way.

3. It is the best gift for someone special

A exceptionally custom made piece of jewellery is always the right choice for gifting someone most loved. A woman loves to wear such uniqueness for sure. When someone presented her a locket on which her name was inscribed, she definitely would love to develop a special feeling with the giver. For adding more specialities to jewellery gift, one must pay extra attention to the custom design. For this purpose trying to know the true inner choice of a lady is quite a good idea. If it is not possible, then look for creating something more exclusive with a well-trained jewellery designer. Even if you can’t succeed in getting the right design suiting her choice, her name engraved on the gold would be precious enough to be memorised. Just make sure, that you don’t use wrong spellings of her name.

4. Gold is easy to modify

The best part of this metal is that it can be easily modified to any desired design as 99%-purity gold will be soft enough to manipulate. If you're looking to get something new designed years after having your first personalised necklace, it will be quite simple as well. You can ask goldsmith to make a bracelet, a brooch, a ring ...... out of it very fast. There is no end to customisation that gold is able to offer.

5. Things to look out for buying

Check the dimension on the first hand. The dimension should be messured according to your physique. The second thing is the material. Check it as well making sure that it is gorgeously plated (or pure 18ct gold is used) in making the necklaces. The necklace should have your initials in the correct spelling as well. You should check the spellings and make sure that the they are in the desired form or font.